Meet the LD4D Steering Committee

New steering committee will guide community to develop solutions

By Vanessa Meadu

We are delighted to have ten members on our new Steering Committee, who bring significant sector experience and expertise to this role. We also welcome new Steering Committee chair, Andrew Bisson, a livestock specialist for the Bureau for Food Security at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Meet the Steering Committee



The LD4D Steering Committee will support LD4D’s overarching goal by identifying and supporting improvements to livestock data. They will advance solutions in this area by providing direction on LD4D working groups and other activities, and exchange knowledge on this topic with the wider community.   

The purpose of the LD4D Steering Committee will be to: 
1. Advising on the scientific direction of LD4D
2. Prioritising topics for consideration and implementation
3. Advising on LD4D’s knowledge exchange and communication strategy
4. Identifying and promoting opportunities to move towards a sustainable structure
5. Reviewing the progress of LD4D’s working groups and other activities

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Vanessa Meadu is Communications and Knowledge Exchange Specialist with SEBI-Livestock. SEBI-Livestock coordinates the LD4D Community of Practice.