RHoMIS - the Rural Household Multi-Indicator Survey

RHoMIS - the Rural Household Multi-Indicator Survey - was designed to improve the process of gathering information from farming households in the rural developing world. Household surveys are very widely carried out, but the data is rarely comparable, and so the opportunities for learning between individual projects are limited. For these reasons, the tool balances standardisation with flexibility.
RHoMIS was also designed to reduce costs, time requirements, and reporting burdens for those who carry out household surveys. Internationally recognised indicators are used, and reflexive learning since 2015 has led to a smooth and rapid questionnaire, which gathers considerable detail in a relatively short amount of time.
The RHoMIS tool is built using open source software. The survey is delivered using Android mobile or tablet devices and the ODK software suite. Indicators are calculated and analyses returned using the R programming language.  

RHoMIS is administered by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

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