East Africa Dairy Development Project - Cost of milk survey

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East African Dairy Development (EADD) aims to transform the lives of resource-poor dairy farming families through improved market access to a wealth-creating, robust dairy value chain that benefits all industry stakeholders. Working in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, the project is designed to help 136,000 smallholder farmers to achieve sustainably improved livelihoods and to stimulate income growth for an additional 400,000 secondary beneficiaries in the three countries


Cost of milk production survey

The cost of milk production survey was conducted in the hubs that were sampled in the baseline survey. A total number of 240 households were sampled in 24 hubs where 10 households were selected from each hub. The aim of the surevey was to assess the cost of production and the profitability of the dairy enterprise and identify which cost components EADD interventions should target in order to enhance profitability of the dairy farms in EADD project sites

Header photo: Dairy cow in Ol Kalou, Kenya. ILRI/EADD (source)

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