Webinar: FAO's Livestock Investment Coordination System

Photo: Dr Rahul Srivastava (GALVmed)

Discover new tools to enhance coordination at field and policy level

In this session, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) introduced the Livestock Information Coordination System, a new tool to enhance coordination, data accessibility, and ex-ante rapid appraisal of livestock investments.

The aim of this tool is to put data at the fingertips of:

  • Governments, donors and implementing agencies wanting to track standardised, real-time activity and output data across a portfolio of projects
  • Organisations or institutions looking to easily generate reports or dashboards that combine data from multiple projects
  • Anyone needing to write rapid proposals for livestock development or emergency projects .

We invite you to learn about this tool and contribute to shaping it to benefit your activities.

This webinar was hosted by the Livestock Data for Decisions (LD4D) Network.