Livestock Investment Coordination System: Livestock Investment Rapid Appraisal tool

FAO is developing the Livestock Investment Coordination System (LICS) to improve planning, monitoring and evaluation of livestock interventions for use by FAO as well as by interested partners. The Livestock Investment Rapid Appraisal (LIRA) tool is one of the tools being developed under the LICS. It is intended to provide a simple, web-based tool for a rapid ex-ante appraisal of investment options to address a wide range of acute or chronic constraints to livestock production. Its aim is to support more rational consideration of options rather than to provide precise economic/financial investment metrics. To this end, LIRA strives to provide the ability to address livelihoods, food security, gender, environmental, public health and other selected outcomes. The tool aims to be useful in contexts with minimal information and expertise but to offer the possibility of expansion and greater complexity as additional information becomes available.