Improving the Evidence and Policies for Better Performing Livestock Systems in Ethiopia

Bringing markets and consumption – on top of production – forward as integral components into research on livestock systems

The survey interviewed 254 retailer shops in 10 sub-cities of Addis Ababa. 30 supermarkets, 20 mini-markets, 100 regular shops, 80 dairy shops and 24 open market shops selling dairy products were interviewed. Details of the sampling strategy is found in the attachment. The survey collected information on the characteristics of the shop, details of dairy products sold, prices and quality. Policy makers, research, and other stakeholders can use this data to analyses dairy value chain in Ethiopia and dairy retailing practices in Ethiopia. This data set was collected through research of the project “Improving the evidence and policies for better performing livestock systems in Ethiopia” lead by the International Food Policy Research Institution as part of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems.

Datasets are available from USAID

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Photo credit: USAID Flickr. Photo by Morgana Wingard