Innovation platforms monitoring and evaluation studies 2013-2014 (MilkIT)


The overall goal of the project is to contribute to improved dairy-derived livelihoods in India and Tanzania via intensification of smallholder production focusing on enhancement of feeds and feeding using innovation and value chain approaches. The objectives of the project are three-fold:

Institutional strengthening: To strengthen use of value chain and innovation approaches among dairy stakeholders to improve feeding strategies for dairy cows.

  1. Productivity enhancement: To develop options for improved feeding strategies leading to yield enhancement with potential income benefits.
  2. Knowledge sharing: To strengthen knowledge sharing mechanisms on feed development strategies at local, regional and international levels.
  3. Data used by the LiveGAPS project is available on request

The original data is available from ILRI

The LiveGAPS project also used the MilkIT data

Header photo: Dairy cow in Tanga, Tanzania. Paul Karaimu (ILRI) (source)