Workshop recording: How can data empower environmentally responsible livestock development?

Explore how different groups can support each other with environmental data and evidence for better decisions in the livestock sector. This session brings together groups that are implementing livestock development projects, data collectors and analysts, environmental modellers and funders. 

Session recorded at the LD4D community meeting, September 2022. 

Scene setting: 6:45 

  • Andrew Bisson (USAID)
  • Hala el Masri (Community Jameel)
  • Shannon Mesenhowski (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) 


  • Dominik Wisser (FAO) - GLEAM 20:31
  • Anne Mottet (FAO) - GLEAM-i 27:04
  • Carlos Gonzales Fischer (Cornell) - MERLIN 32:24
  • Claudia Arndt (ILRI) - Emissions factors for Sub-Saharan Africa 40:45
  • Andreas Wilkes (New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre) - Data needs for GHG inventories and NDCs 47:10
  • Brian Lindsay (Dairy Sustainability Framework) 56:24
  • Diana Onyango (Farm Africa). 1:03:36