LD4D Annual community meeting 2021

Livestock Data for Decisions (LD4D) held its annual community meeting on 9 December 2021

This year's virtual Livestock Data for Decisions (LD4D) was open to anyone working to improve the quantity and quality of livestock data and wishing to connect with other data producers and users.

About the event

The event offered members an opportunity to learn about the latest livestock data innovations, share their latest work, and connect with other members of the community.

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Andrew Bisson (USAID), LD4D Steering Committee Chair



LD4D team


What did we achieve in 2021?

Karen Smyth (SEBI-Livestock)


A theory of change to chart our direction of travel

Anni McLeod (SEBI-Livestock)


Cattle Mart ideas marketplace: “Data-driven innovations for better decisions from the LD4D community”

Group 1: Digital solutions at the farm gate

  • LabCards Digital Innovation -Tanya Miroshnychenko (Zoetis)
  • Cattle reproduction calendar digital solution using P4Gold in Nigeria - Adebayo Sopeju (EMMSAR Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Services)
  • Livestock data and animal identification, registration & traceability systems - Ferdinand Schmitt (Caisley International)
  • A Big Idea to reduce mortality of young kids by using creep feed - Abdul Hussain (ACIAR Small Ruminant Project, Pakistan)

Group 2: Global platforms to unlock data insights

  • Demonstration of GLEAM - FAO's Livestock emissions dashboard - Dominik Wisser (FAO)
  • The Animal Health AMR R&D Landscape in LMICs - Renée Larocque (IDRC)
  • Estimating global livestock biomass and value – Yin Li (CSIRO)
  • Building a Global Animal Production Database - Renée Cardinaals (Wageningen University Research)

Group 3: Making data work for local challenges

  • Data and models to improve sustainability in the dairy sector – Donald Moore (Global Dairy Platform)
  • Jameel Observatory for Food Security Early Action  - Alan Duncan (ILRI / Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security) 
  • Enhancing data culture in Animal Sciences in sub-Saharan Africa - Saidu Oseini (OAU, Ile Ife, Nigeria) 
  • Using data & evidence for livestock advocacy – Michael Victor (ILRI) 


Chat show: How are data innovations driving better decisions?




Isabelle Baltenweck (ILRI)

Ulf Magnusson (SLU)

Shannon Mesenhowski (BMGF)

Moderator: Anni McLeod


Wrap up: key messages from today and vision for 2022

Karen Smyth & Andrew Bisson